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Typical instruments used in the interpretation of llanera music is the harp, the cuatro and maracas, like the mandolin and mandolin that has gradually been displaced by the harp as well as others like this again furruco rebirth and the cirrampla which is no longer used.

Llanera harp is a typical musical instrument of the Colombo-Venezuelan eastern region, has 32 or 33 nylon strings of different sizes and arranged in a musical scale depending on thickness. It is usually constructed from cedar. Llanera harp is closely related to artistic and musical expressions of eastern Colombia, from its incio acquiring a value of "property" regional on the instrument. According to Margarita Aristizabal in Arauca craft book, the legend of the instrument, "explains the appearance of the harp by a hunter to shoot an arrow with his bow saw a musical sound. So I repeated the procedure and to obtain a new sound added more strings to the bow, and as the movement impressed on his fingers, the length and fit

Many call it the Four guitar, but the fourth is far from being one, since it has four strings and is smaller. Another difference between the guitar and the four, is that the first, most widely in technique, is sounded by tapping the strings with the fingertips (tapping), while the second, run mainly by strumming or charrasqueo.

The baskets

The Bucket, Maracas and Chucho totumitos Made to fit well in hand, in some regions a maraca was bigger and the sound was more severe and was told: Macho, the other was said to him rattle or cascabelina.Se calyx seeds deposited him and then being told the maracas mats or baskets. Also called them dogs. The maracas could be scraped, drilled very small holes and Maraca pintadas.La Precolombino Instrument is the contribution to folklore Aboriginal Ranger.


also brought by the colonizers of Spain and slightly modified. It consists of a sounding board, smaller than a guitar and has 4 strings. There are very few dishes and played with pen in Venezuela is not considered as a basic tool of llanera music, however here in Colombia's mandolin harp replaces some groups ... There are several modifications such as the mandolin that consists of 8 strings.


The furruco indigenous instrument used to mark the low of the tunes. This consists of a hollow wooden cylinder at both ends, one lined with leather. Has at its heart a stick. To play the instrument, join the palms of the hand with the wand between two and slides down, causing a vibration which sounds very much like a bass.


The instrument that Cirrampla cost of a wooden stick which has tied a rope along, and as a sounding board using the mouth, vibrating the string with the fingers. Today may be considered "extinct" folklore, because no one teaches their execution and was used only here in Colombia.

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